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Decorative requirements for study

Decorative requirements for study

The study is the place where we study and work, Goethe has a saying: “Read all good books, is to talk to many noble people.” “It can be said that the study is a more important place. In this case, then how should the study decoration? What matters should it pay attention to in its decoration? Let me share with you the decoration design requirements of the study.

Decorative requirements for study

The decoration design of the study is relatively strict. First of all, the decoration design of the study to make people feel comfortable, this comfort is mainly from the study lighting and design style. This requires the decoration of the study not only to meet the requirements of good-looking appearance, but also to make the external environment to be harmonious.
Therefore, the decorative design of the study should follow the following requirements:

First of all, the study is our study and work occasion, for and lighting demand is very high. Learning in too strong or weak light can have a great impact on vision. So the desk is best placed by a window that is sunny but does n”s in the air. For the choice of study lamp, we suggest that we must have a table lamp, there is now an eye protection table lamp, although the price is a little more expensive than the general table lamp, but it is less harmful to vision.

 For the color of the study, the color of our proposal room should be light green-based. Because green has a protective effect on eye vision, it has the effect of protecting the eyes. If you don’t like green-based you can also choose a lighter color, because the color of a color line too dark can make people’s eyes uncomfortable. In addition, more green plants can be placed, on the one hand to provide fresh air, on the other hand can relieve fatigue.

The desk is positioned, the desk can be placed against the door contrast, the direction of the desk to the door. In addition, we suggest that we can customize a bookcase, can ensure that our books are collected, but also play the role of decorative study. The above information is expected to be helpful to you.

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