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How to design a study in a ten-square study

How to design a study in a ten-square study

Books are a source of direct access to knowledge for each of us, and a channel through which we learn to grow. Many people who love to read books will definitely create a study of their own in their own homes, letting them swim in the ocean of knowledge. Small spaces and irregularities are likely to become their personality. How do you study design in a ten-square study? Ten-square-meter study design skills?

The layout of the study design, the design of the study mainly includes practical objects, such as desks, chairs, etc., other decorations are less. The size of the bookshelf should be properly controlled, not too large, otherwise half of the space in the study room will be taken up by these things.

The furniture selection of the study, the study furniture can choose solid wood furniture, which can enhance the grade of the study, it seems to have a book atmosphere. You can also choose a cute Japanese-Korean furniture, which will make the study a place to relax and relax.

How to design a study in a ten-square study

The overall style of the study design, the study design style can be simple European, so there is a sense of serenity, can be a luxurious retro style, giving a comfortable experience.

The study design can make full use of the wall space, instead of letting the white wall be exposed, it is better to make full use of it. When you are decorating a 10 square meter study, you should make full use of the space. When the local area can no longer be remodeled, think about the design of the study on the wall, put the partition on the wall, and insert the bookcase into the wall… put the book and put the decorative wall Space utilization can also make the study design more reasonable.

Using the floor and tatami floor decoration, the 10 square meter study can be designed with a tatami mat in a suitable area. The tatami room has a storage function and a rest place. It is also a good choice to design a floor study on the floor. The platform has a storage function, and a bookcase can be designed on the top, and the platform can be used as a desk.

According to the space custom furniture, small space will naturally not use large furniture, but if you buy all from the market, you will find that many furniture and space are not so fit, and many spaces are wasted. You can find a special study designer to design furniture according to your own type, so that the space of the study design will be fully utilized.

In almost every household, our stairs are usually not valued by us. The dead corner of the stairs is often a pity, but I don’t know how to deal with it. Let’s move our brains and make a delicate design that fits into the wall cabinet, table and chairs, and becomes a small study.

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